I use Sublime Text for my programming, which uses the Node edition of JSLint for its code linter, but I grow tired of it being out of date.

C:\Users\paulm>jslint --edition=latest --version
node-jslint version: 0.11.0 JSLint edition 2015-10-29

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When setting up the Sublime Text editor to use JSLint for linting code, it relies on the node edition of JSLint which causes some problems. This is a record of my journey of getting it working, and how to configure things for best results. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks to the many discussions that I’ve had on the atheist vs theist debate page, the issue of spiritual experiences has arisen on several occasions. Instead of saying that no such things occur it helps to recognize that spiritual experiences do occur. Interpreting meaning from those experiences is another topic, but there are several separate sets of evidences that help to support the fact of spiritual experiences. Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes those MP3’s have TAG troubles that need to be fixed. Read the rest of this entry »

After recovering from a bad windows update most of the programs that I typically use have been installed, all but for Sublime Text. I use several packages with Sublime Text, and it can be a tricky process to make sure that everything works properly. As such, this is a good chance to record the process of what’s involved with the installation. Read the rest of this entry »

Recently I’ve had to fight my way through several significant problems to repair Windows after a bad windows update experience.

With my computer I normally hibernate it instead of shutting it down. As a result, rebooting the computer occurs infrequently. On the odd occasions when I do reboot the computer there is invariably a request from Windows to update as part of the shutdown procedure.

Here I track the troubles that I had and the solutions that were found, in the hopes that it will be of beneficial use for others too. Read the rest of this entry »

Blackjack is the longest game that I have converted thus far, and has several complex issues. The converted code spends most of the time in an unrunnable state until most everything is taken care of. Fortunately the systems and techniques built up over the previous conversions should hold me in good stead. Read the rest of this entry »