I thought that I should keep a blog/diary of interesting and good things that happen to me. This will be as a form of reference, and will also help to serve as positive reinforcement too.


A small business accounting course for board of trustees occurred for me today, from which A lot of useful info has been obtained.

I managed to find a hot cuppa tea before things began, and to questions of acclaim on how I got it, expressed “It’s amazing what you can get when you keep your eyes open.”

Morning tea somehow turned in to a very nice brunch, that kept me going nicely for the rest of the day too.

A followup meeting has been arranged for next week too.

Job hunting

A call came in from a recruiter, who has passed along a skills matrix chart with which to aid in the hunt for a decent position.


On the way out to the weekly meetup, a stop to pick up snacks turned in to a major specials event. Those Cadbury Favorites, were 60% off.

It was great to get back in the swing of thing, after the group had been in hiatus for the past several weeks.
D&d going again