Sudoku solver

I’ve tidied up the table generation part of the 16×16 solver that I was working on before, so that instead of intermixing the creation of HTML elements within the log of retrieving the values, there is now a clear demarcation between the two – where the rows of values are retrieved first, before they are then passed to a separate function to create the tables.


When asking Sam for more details about the updated rules for Ra: The Dice Game came from, I discovered that they are instead intended as a solo-play variation of the rules instead. So now when playing it, we really should go back to the original set of rules for the game.

So now that I won’t be spending today editing a new rule book for the game, I will instead be attempting to create my own computer version of the game – mostly by focusing on getting the rules of play in to the computer, and then later on focusing on prettying things up.

[time passes]

Things are looking good with the game. The board layout is all set, game rules are being programmed in, and there is a nice yahtzee-like dice roller that is being created.