Am getting ready to move at the end of next week so this morning involved carting 12 banana boxes home on the scooter, which was quite the trip.

A few boxes of dvd’s and their stand are being looked after my my parents, where I mentioned this blog. Mother joked that I should say things like “I visited my elderly parents” and “she gave me such a wonderful lunch”, so being the dutiful son, I have.

Godley Head

Plans for a tableau of a battery operation post were also worked on, to great success, and afterwards, some books made their way around to Greg’s for safe-keeping until I find some improved accommodation.


It’s the second night of a weekly Go board game evening in a new location, and it’s good to see that regulars are finding their way there without any issues. We have been asked to double-park behind any cars that are parked where we’re at, which not only helps with issues of parking space, but also provides for some interesting situations when the next-door restaurant tells patrons to park where they shouldn’t.