While doing some cad work for my father, I had a good opportunity to dig through my DVD collection there and figured out which ones that I want to track down proper dvd’s for. That list is:

Clinical Trial

After having gone on a clinical trial last year, with mixed results, another one is starting up in a few months time so I went in to the hospital for a pre-screening checkup to get started with the process, which involves doing a fibroscan, things like giving lots of blood samples for them to check up on.

Things seemed to go well, so I’ve just got to wait until the intake of people occurs for me. I’ll be in a group that comes after chronic sufferers, and after people who are new to the trial.


Someone on reddit asked for some thoughts and revisions on some programming help. I think that I dumped on them, but with vast amounts of helpful advice in a good way.


I went along to Scared Scriptless tonight with some friends, and we ended up having a great time there.