Styx Mill
Went for a walk around Styx Mill track today. Most of us ended up starting from the wrong car park, so we had brunch half-way through when we got to the other side, by walking to Willowbank, then wondering back again. The meals there were very nice, but expensive.

I stopped in to Penny Lane, and managed to find 3 of those DVD’s on my list, which were, Die Hard 4.0, Life of Brian, and The Prestige. I shared with them the list that I’m wanting to find, and they noted down several of them so that they can call me whenever they turn up.

The new place
I went over some details this afternoon with Sharron in regards to my boarding there from next week. There seem to be very few details to sort out, and things are going pretty smoothly. The wardrobe doesn’t have much storage, and the computer table may be a bit of a squeeze, but I can put a few things in to the garage and if I have to, I’ll get a smaller computer desk from the warehouse.

Speaking of moving, I’ve been looking through why I have and there seems to be a remarkably small amount of gear that I have to move. I’ll see if it really is as little as it seems, when I start moving things across on Wednesday.

The movie group had a good viewing of the Neverwhere tv series by Neil Gaiman tonight, and it was very interesting, involving lots of the London underground, and deals with patrons that shouldn’t be trusted.