Stopping by at Penny Lane Records in Eastgate has proved to be invaluable, as they now have a list of many of the DVD’s that I’m looking for and will keep an eye out for any of them that turn up.

I went through to their Sydenham store too, and found that the Bourne trilogy is available as a single set, so will see if I can swap my individual discs of it for the combined set tomorrow.


I managed to see Skyfall, Wreck-It Ralph and Charlies Angels today. Skyfall was impressive but had a few problems, and time hasn’t been good for the Charlies Angels movie, but Wreck-It Ralph was much better than I could have foreseen.

On looking back at why it was so good, you have to look past the actors themself to the bones of the story. And in this case, I would put much of it on a screenwriter called Phil Johnston. The screenplay that he worked on prior to Wreck-It Ralph was Cedar Rapids, where many of its characters seemed to be directly inspired from the Greek pantheon.

Phil Johnston also recently wrote an insightful piece about the toughest scene he wrote.

Best of the week:

Westpac Passwords and Wreck-It Ralph/Cedar Rapids connection.