Godley Head

The cad work with modelling the BOP tableau continues. Now with more accurate measurements, updates have been made to the existing plans of the tableau so that it can work in well with the existing environment in the QM store.


After making arrangements to exchange three Bourne movies with a 3-disc set, I ended up also finding 5 movies from my list of DVD’s to find. A list of what I’m looking for has also been left with them in their book, for when any of them manage to turn up there too.

After getting home, I find that the 3-disc set is empty. So it’s back there again tomorrow to get things sorted out.

Weight loss

It’s been one year now since I decided to lose weight from 130kg. Over the course of 4 months I dropped nearly 10 kilos each month, ending up at 95kg. So as a form of celebration of that, I enjoyed a thoroughly decadent apple crumble at the pub quiz tonight.

People have asked how I managed to drop so much – and the answer has been pretty easy. It hasn’t involved anything as extreme as exercise. Mostly it’s been removing snacks and going back to 3 meals a day, and reducing breakfast & lunch until I start to feel hungry (build up an appetite) by the next meal.

The hardest part of that is saying no when non-meal situations arise where you are expected to join in. So I’ve found that explaining why I’m not, and the progress that has been made, can help to alleviate some of the stigma associated from that.