Dropped the printer off to Molton Media so that it can be recycled to someone else.

Stopped in to the Heptitis C Resource Centre to learn more about authorizing account payments (as I am now the Treasurer on their board of trustees), but Bill is still down in Otago.

Godley Head
Worked on the BOP tableau with dad today getting the windows all structured and laid out. Some refinements were found to be needed to the surrounding frame, which helps to demonstrate the benefit of the process.

Pagan came around to pick up the Go club trestle tables, and also to kindly help me move a few things over to my new home. The roads were pockmarked with roadworks all the way through, and around, and on to the new place,

Caught Moonrise Kingdom tonight with some friends, which was well worth the watch Again. The mostly yellow colour palette only helping to highlight the surreal form of humanism that permeates throughout the movie.