Much of the moving occurred on Friday today. Though I can cart 3 banana boxes and a suitcase on the back of the scooter, I have to lower that amount when transporting books. Those things are heavy.


Someone came in to the Aranui Community Arts Centre today, with an eye on courting Nicki there. of the interest that she has, he found out that she likes to play Go, so I was glad to give him some beginner lessons on how to play the game.
Later on he was saying that he wants to come back and spend time with Nicky, because he likes to make people feel happy. She countered by saying he can come to the lunch on Thursday because there are a lot of people there that he can chat with.
Afterwards though she didn’t seem to realise that he had the hots for her, even though from an outside perspective it was quite apparent. It was quite entertaining to watch the dance unfold between them.

The Mousetrap

The showing of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap was special to behold. A few people from our group weren’t able to make it, so I was able to help them out. The Director, Sam, I know via doing admin work for him the board games group, so arrangements have been made for them to be able to go along on some other night to catch the play.