Today I came across The Complete Far Side which has been a complete joy to start going through, along with The Idiots Guide to Classical Mythology, which I’ll want to get at least somewhat part-way through before Thursday’s monthly book club comes along.


The top-box that sold a week ago has finally been picked up, which has been pleasing to finally get sorted out.


After seeing Snow White and the Huntsman, I became interested as to how on earth it was that the Twilight girl Kristen Stewart managed to gain and ruin the leading role of what could have been a better movie. She must have screwed someone to get there ahead of better actresses for the role.
Well apparently it’s true, she’s been sexing it up with the director which has also caused Will Farrell to break down on TV over her relationships. Don’t do that to him Kristen, he’s a good man and deserves to feel better about things 🙂

Best of the Week

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