Conspiracy theories
At the community centre, there was quite a discussion with John today about conspiracy theories. I maintain that trying to use a lack of evidence to form a conclusion, is fundamentally irrational. But, it certainly is interesting to hold such discussions none-the-less.
Time was spend with the 6 and 4 year old boys at home before dinner. I’m left with the impression that they are completely delightful.
I’m trying to get to grips with some accounting ratios checks, so that we can more easily determine the financial health of the Hepatitis C Resource Centre. I’m getting tired of working with such numbers though, so I’m tempted to write a program to perform such checks from now on.
Pub quiz
We were only 2-people strong tonight, but despite that we came about half-way in the rankings, so it’s good to see that we can pull our weight, so to speak.we even received a $25 voucher from them. It goes to a random team each time, but it was nice to receive it even given that.