Godley Head
We’ve nearly got the BOP tableau finished up. The windows were finished up and most of the color scheme work has been done – and the roof suspension seems to be good too.
The DVD rack has made it back to the new place, and even though it’s a tight fit in the bedroom, things seem to be working together well. Placing the rack behind the door seems to have been a stroke of genius. The future me may well have a few words to say about that though, we’ll have to see.
Someone stopped me as I was heading out today, looking for directions to a nearby street. I had the rare opportunity to tell him that I sold love to know, but I’ve only lived here for one day.
I wasn’t going to attend tonight due to the incremental weather, but while wandering around Reddit I stumbled across some good jokes that I couldn’t help but to share, which meant that I just couldn’t not go, so I did.