At the community centre, someone got on a discussion about crop circles. I had a good time telling him about how I had been involved with creating crop circles, and was then asked for details about interdimensional teleportation, how did I feel while doing it, and what patterns were most conducive towards it. “Mostly I felt hot and sweaty while doing it” was my most rational response.


The shining light of tonight’s dnd session was when I ran to help a party member. A guard room had recently been cleared out, and I (a dwarf) was in there taking stock of their beer supplies. Outside and around the corner, which had a pit trap at the corner, a party member was fighting, bloodied, and in need of healing.

I raced out to the corner, leaped over the pit trap, fired off a healing spell to him while in mid-air as I cleared the corner, and missed landing on the far side of the pit; resulting in a healed party-member but falling into the spikes. I shouldn’t have had that last beer.