It was a good time to get my passwords sorted out today. Last Pass let’s you know when passwords are duplicated across different sites, so I performed a security check and found that there were also weak passwords too. As a result, things are a lot more improved now, and instead of having the same entries for multiple relates domains (such as and they are now in the equivalent domains list which allows credentials from one to be accepted on the other.
So with that, and creating new passwords to replace weaker ones, the security side of things is now on a better footing.
Bank website
I made time to speak with someone at the Westpac bank about the special characters issue, where passwords with special characters aren’t allowed on their sight. After they contacted someone further up the line, and spent quite some time on hold, an informative answer arrived, apparently the only special characters that are allowed are # : – _ $ \ /
The following special characters are for some reason, not allowed to be used for the business banking passwords:
. , ? ! ‘ ; ” ( ) & @ [ ] { } % ^ * + = | ~
It makes me despair at times, it really does.
At this months book club a number of good DVDs were mentioned, which I’ll bring along to the next DVD night for discussion and decisions about which for the group to see, which are Cedar Rapids, Choosing to Die, and Stranger Than Fiction.