When going from Pak n Save to Cranford street in the driving rain, I thought that I would take a detour to avoid some road works on Wainoni Road, before I got to New Brighton Road. Oh how wrong I was.

While trying to get to Avondale Road, all of the roads beside the river were broken and busted from the quakes, with road cones and detours all over the place. By the time I finished my detoured route, I came out on Wainoni at an earlier place than where I began, so “bugger this” I thought, let’s take Gloucester / Gayhurst instead, whereupon I was greeted with slumped road warnings and detours.

Next time I’ll just take the long way around New Brighton Road instead.


It was A Late QuartetPorco Rosso, and Robot & Frank that I managed to see today. Porco Rosso has a very understated successful ending, so subtle that it can be missed if attention isn’t paid to it. With Robot & Frank, even though Frank’s alzheimers was preventing him from getting to know his wife, it was interesting that he at one stage was trying to get each other’s robot helpers to communicate instead.

Best of the Week

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