Cryptic clue troubles

The weekly pub quiz puts out three cryptic clues that relate to some of the questions being asked. They were quite troubling this week, including ones such as “Kylie’s guest appearance in pink doesn’t count, Emma’s definitely the first official female!” What was the answer? Is it music, movies, sports.

No, it’s none of those. Emma is the first woman to be with the Wiggles, replacing the yellow wiggle. Who would’ve thought.

Pub quiz

The gift voucher from last week was going to be used tonight, but I learned that we also have a $50 voucher from earlier on that is also needing to be used. So we tried to use that tonight instead. Our bill came to be nowhere near the that amount though, so the $25 voucher was brought back in to play, and next week we have plans to have dinner there on that $50 instead.