This morning I was refactoring JavaScript code, which results in absolutely no change to how things look or behave. Refactoring is where changes are made that make things easier for your future self to achieve several months down the track, and that’s not an easy thing to do because we cannot even help our future morning-self by going to bed at a decent time. The benefits of refactoring though are many-fold, on which I plan to do a post dedicated to that particular topic.


I watched the original Dark Water horror movie, and Gangster Squad today.

Dark Water brought back to me strong memories of a few months ago when the header tank overflowed above my bed. Feeling some drips of water falling on me was an odd way to wake up, and by the time I realised what was happening it had turned in to a steady flow. I raced down for a kitchen pot to catch the worst of it, and turned on the bedroom light to see where the stream was coming from. The water, in one of the more unusual sights that I’ve seen, was coming down through the ceiling rose, down the power cable and pouring off the bottom of the lightbulb – illuminating the room with a sparkling dazzle of patterned light. Pretty though it was, I couldn’t leave it on for long in fear of it blowing a circuit, and headed off to find more buckets and a plumber.

Best of the Week

Warm Bodies movie

Maintainable JavaScript