Creating content on the iPad

I tried using the iPad to create a complex forum post that involved creating several sections of code for examples. Whenever I tried to go back to the forum post, after some time had passed, the page wanted to be reloaded. Or, the page may have lost the lengthy content that I had earlier created.

After 2 hours and the third variation of trying to achieve success, I relented and went back to the PC. The iPad is good at consuming content – not at creating it.

Weight loss

My weight-loss from last year has resulted in the manager at the community centre that I spend some time at,sharing my results with a larger woman who helps to run the place. They’re interested in how I achieved it, so I shared with them about how it was a simple technique that is so easy that people just wouldn’t consider it, and that is to eat less.

People mostly get fat because they eat too much and/or don’t do enough exercise. I don’t like much in the way of hardship, so chose to lose weight without doing anything as extreme as exercise. Instead, I removed snacks from my diet and stuck with 3 meals a day – bringing the amount of breakfast and lunch down to the point where I started to feel hungry (built up an appetite) shortly before the next meal.

By regularly monitoring how my weight-loss results were tracking, I was able to look at when I was heavier than the day before, and learn from when I had misbehaved the day before. It may have been pressure to have cake with afternoon tea, or too much for dinner, or other reasons. So I could think about how to better deal with things the next time I came to such situations.

Anyway, it’s a simple technique of eating less, minimal hardship, and monitoring the progress, which achieves good and consistent results.

Pub quiz dinner

The winnings from last year’s win at the pub quiz, were put to good use tonight for a dinner there before tonight’s quiz. I had the pork belly roast, which was excellent. Their apple crumble is rather special too.