Teaching sketchup

I ended up teaching my dad how to use Sketchup today, with the aim of building a gallery display area. It was an interesting challenge to explain things in a clear and understandable manner, but at the same time frustrating because I didn’t want to take over controlling things.

Most interesting I found, was the difficulty of navigating your way around the model in 3D space, when someone is fairly new to the program.

Pregnant women targeted

When talking with someone company sales techniques, I was reminded of this excellent about a statistician who works for Target, and can figure out not just when a woman is pregnant, but how far along she is to within a few weeks. How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Completing the square

When pottering around with a maths expression, looking for easy ways to solve 3a²+3b²-6ab-2a-2b-1 in to (a-b+1)(3a-3b-1), I came across quite a beautiful idea of completing the square.


So if you have x²+2x, you can turn that in to (x+1)² – 1

I don’t know if that will be of much use for what I’m looking at solving, but it’s a cleverly useful idea.

Best of the Month

Wreck-It Ralph/Cedar Rapids connection

Airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

Maintainable JavaScript