UFO videos

Yesterday someone came to me with a ufo video where military helicopters escort the ufo, to which I had to say that yes, that is unidentified. We don’t know what they are. Is he wanting confirmation that little green men are piloting them? I don’t know – but I’m going to help fuel things because I’ve found a second video of the same type of thing, where two military jets convoy a ufo.


When levelling up my character tonight, I realised that I haven’t been adding on a health bonus for each level, so it’s no wonder that I’ve been having a tricky time staying alive.

Aside from that though, I’ve just found out that I’ve been handling the damage rolls ineffectively. I’ve been telling the i4e program the damage amount that the weapon gives, but that causes problems when bonuses are added on, because they have to be added to each type of action.

Instead of that, I should go to the actual weapon and set the damage from there, and then tell the action to use the [w] amount. That’s much easier to manage.