I nearly lost a lot of work today. After 3 hours crafting together a lengthy forum post on refactoring JavaScript code, I left a preview of the post in a browser tab, and saw that a browser update was available. After the update the tabs loaded up again, all except for the forum post that I had been working on.

I spent several moments to retrieve what I had written, and then in dejected defeat was going to write a short reply about the situation. At the bottom though of the reply area was a gloriously named link, called “Restore auto-saved content”. With heart in throat I tried it out, and everything that had been worked on and lost, was restored. My faith in humanity has returned.

DVD night

I took Jiro Dreams of Sushi around to see with some friends tonight, which was a highly enjoyable documentary about the world’s top sushi maker, and the levels of dedication that are involved by those around him too, who supply different types of fish, or the rice, and that work tirelessly to prep the food to bring it to its finest moment.

Escherian Stairwell

I came across a nice video of the Escharian Stairwell at R.I.T the other day. It’s interesting to explore how it could have been filmed without any camera tricks.