I caught several episodes of Deadwood today, because just one episode, while engrossing that it is, is just not enough. When we get to the end of Deadwood, it might be worthwhile checking out on the other more recent work that has been produced and written by David Milch, such as Luck.

The movies that were seen today are Argo, Holy Motors, and Puncture.

Argo was highly worthwhile watching, Holy Motors was an avant-garde French piece that we just had to stop after a while, and Puncture is an extremely good look at the medical supply system and how lock-in policies are forcing hospitals to work with substandard equipment, all from the point of view of some young lawyers trying to get better safety syringes to be used.

I only realised afterwards that the title of Puncture relates to many different aspects. There was the drug-using lawyer, the nurse with a needle-stick injury, the safety-syringes, and most importantly which I didn’t realise until later, the penetration of the medical supply system.


This hardest things to explain nicely goes through why it’s difficult to introduce someone to Minecraft, and Will Wheaton talks about why it’s awesome to be a nerd.

Half-life 2 mod – Minerva

If you haven’t tried out Minerva yet, give it a go. The Steam version is the 2013 director’s cut of the 2007 mod with bug fixes and improvements. where you are on a Combine controlled island. Your goal is to discover what is going on, destroy it, and somehow try to survive.