The Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary has inspired me to take an interest in the works of Philip Glass. There is a good Top 10 Essential Philip Glass Recordings from which I’ll be working through his material.


The brakes are being less effective on the scooter, and they’re starting to squeal too, so it’s a sure bet that the brake shoes are in need of replacement. It’s a good thing that I have a service due on it too, so tomorrow I’ll be bussing all about the place.


The latest conspiracy that someone brought to me today is in regard to HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and how they are deliberately being used to cause earthquakes to occur in Christchurch and other places around the world.

The person telling me this left some of that conclusion unstated, wanting me to connect the dots without him having to say it outright. So I asked of him what he believed about the matter to which he stated that he doesn’t believe in the matter. “So why are you bring this up to me?” I cry in exasperation. Because, I reckon, he does believe it but doesn’t want to be on the record about the matter.

Pub quiz

I was the only one at the pub quiz for our team tonight, mostly due to the weather, I think. Though it was a bit lonely, I still managed to score a reasonable 61 there for the evening.