Due to my vehicle being in for servicing today, it has been travel by bus for much of the day. It went in partly due to being time for a service, partly due to the brake shoes wearing down, and partly due to a wobble of the handlebars while coasting down from speed, such as from 50 to 45.

I’m sorely tempted to attempt to use the ipad to record a video of the wobble as it occurs, but have visions of what the news report may have to say, “He was found clutching a tablet in apparent addiction-fueled efforts to record …”

Mind hack

An interesting article came out today about how to make it easier for you to distinguish pessimistic thoughts, which get in the way of you achieving things, from reality. Separate Negative Thoughts from Actions with False Pessimism

Somehow though I doubt that it is false pessimism to be thinking “this is not safe” while recording a video of myself riding hands-free at speed on a scooter.

Or maybe I just need to start applying that technique.