Community Centre

At the community arts centre, Nicky recently found out that she has 90 days to move out of her home before it gets demolished. Now she’s a talkative minx, and I thought that people were getting tired of me talking about my 3 weeks of moving out last month, so how they react to her telling us about the details of her situation for the next 90 days is going to be interesting indeed.


My iPad was having trouble maintaining a charge to its battery, but I’ve also just realised that I’ve been out and about for much of the day and night, and am not plugging it in when I get home, or when I go to sleep. Poor little thing – I’ll have to ensure that I maintain it to a better degree. The iPad 5 will be coming out in September, so plans are to keep on enjoying my iPad 2 for the time being to the best of its abilities.

DVD night

The showing of Stranger Than Fiction at my place went fairly well tonight. A few people had trouble finding the place, and ended up going to the neighbours – one of which gave directions from their window, before opening it up again to throw up out of it, and the other neighbours obviously doing marijuana. Me thinks that I’ll be putting out balloons come the next time, which will be for Bicentennial Man.