She Chocolat Restaurant

I travelled out to Governors Bay this morning with a food group, and so it’s review time – and wow, what a gorgeous location and a fabulous setting!

After starting off with a latte, it was followed up by the delectable rhubarbarella which is as delightful as it sounds. The toast was light and fluffy and just melts in your mouth, and the rhubarb was a sweet and tangy delight. Following on from that I had to restrict myself to just a selection of 4 chocolates from their alchemy truffle range, which helps to provide an intoxicating lift to end things on. You can check out their menus for more details too.

The weather was gorgeous, the fire comforting, and I strongly suggest that you put aside several hours before or after too to stroll around Governors Bay to take in the sights that it has to offer.

Movie – Gambit

The movie group went along to a heist movie tonight called Gambit, and the consensus is that it’s an okay movie but not worth buying the DVD when it comes out.