Post Shop

Last week I paid for my vehicle rego before moving on to other banking, but the rego wasn’t printed or given to me, so it’s in to the back again this morning to get it from them. This involved quite a process, because they needed to figure out the situation, and if I would have to pay for a reprint or not.

The first challenge was working out when the trouble had occurred. Without the receipt, which I later saw in my bag, I was relying on my memory of events. Fortunately I performed a bank transaction immediately afterwards, so they were able to track down the day/time from there.

The second challenge was on which till the transaction had been performed on. Fortunately I recalled that the teller had mistakenly sent some money to the third till, and needed to redo things afterwards so that it went to the second till instead.

The third and final challenge came to be the video evidence of the transaction. After finding the transaction, the staff member disappeared around the back to go over the video recording of the transaction, to see if I had received the rego papers or not. Eventually, as I’m contemplating how to fashion a crude lathe from pieces in the store, a newly updated rego is printed off for me and I can head off to cause trouble for other bureaucracies nearby.


The UFO that was seen in Bromley and reported in the Press was brought up to the conspiracy person today, to much interest. When I went back to the online article about the ufo, there had been an update. It wasn’t a UFO afterall, but were wish lanterns for a cancer suffering child. Somehow I get the feeling that this reason was believed about as much as if it were a weather balloon explanation instead.

Display Case

The 3D modelling plans for the building of some display cases for the heritage museum at Godley Head is going well. Efforts to teach my dad how to use Sketchup are proceeding with greater ease now, and we have moved on to using LayOut to create drafting plans with dimensions and details about things. Some final touches today were on printing it as A3 sheets with everything to scale, such as 1:20. It can be a bit of a process to setup but once in place, things go well.

Movie – Star Trek Into Darkness

This movie was really well done. It hasn’t let down the franchise yet, and the even-numbered Star Trek movies still retain their pattern of being very good.  About the only complaint that I might have is that the female science officer that has been added to the crew, Dr. Carol Marcus, has too much potential to fall in to damsel in distress situations if the writers ever get lazy about things.