The new camera has finally arrived. The old one was a Fujifilm Finepix s602 one that I obtained from my dad, which I had working for all of two minutes before it shut down and refused to get going again. The batteries were good, and taking it to a repair shop confirmed that there was a bad circuit board issue at hand. Timing, eh?

So a Fujifilm Finepix s4500 (review) has been picked out from the PriceSpy selection of SLR format digital cameras, where a balance has hopefully been struck between price and performance. Now I just have to wait for the camera bag to arrive too. When looking around for a decent camera bag to get for the s4500, I came across a local Finepix forum thread about camera bags, where the Lowepro Inverse 100 AW seems to be a good fit for my budget too.


I’ve been asked by someone at the local community centre to get plans for them to build a geodome structure, from gardendome. They’re not wanting one of the kits that they have for sale there, but just the plans. Good luck to them I say, and thank you for the proffered $10 for me to write up and get in touch with them via email.


A good meeting was held early this evening at the Polytech about Software Testing for the Next Generation. John McPhee is the chap there who is developing a course there dedicated to software testing, and is wanting input from people in the business about what the Polytech should be teaching so that the students are ready for what businesses are wanting. Apparently some of it has been directed by Input from Ian Ross (who wasn’t there), and the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) set of requirements are what they are wanting to follow.


The evening of Go was a nice relaxation from the testing meeting. Mr Hu, at whose home the group was at for several years, was able to visit from his rest home and play for some of the night. I used to fear his skill, but now it is me who has to give him a handicap in order for us to have a well balanced game.
I have realized too that I also need to play with stronger players. It has been fun playing with Nicky and others, but I will only improve when I am exposed to more challenging players. So I’ve come to realize that I need to try and visualize several steps of future play, and to learn more about standard joseki plays.