In efforts to achieve some higher-education in regards to programming, I approached StudyLink about obtaining a student allowance for a source. Sadly, the 2008 course that I was taking had to be abandoned for an excellent job at Jade. I say sadly, because that meant that I haven’t passed more than half of that course, so eligibility won’t occur until some other course is passed – at least by half. So the hunt is on for a course, any course that I can take to regain the passing credentials. I’ll even consider crochet. Anyone?


Meanwhile, I have been teaching others how to achieve their programming hearts and desires. For example, today involved helping someone to show and hide an infobox, calling php pages via ajax, using attribute-based selectors to loop through similar tasks, and starting a challenge contest for people to convert jQuery code to normal JavaScript code.

Book club

Tonight at the book club we decided to settle on a group read of the book Warm Bodies. The movie was excellent, so I’m looking forward to further details from the book too.

The Far Left Side

In the same style as Gary Larsen, Mike Stanfill is carrying on his style with more of a political commentary about issues and events. For example, about chicken soup and the health plan. The artist commentary below the cartoon is often highly worth it  too.