Today,  John was telling me that I should get a tattoo, because everyone involved in a secret society has a tattoo. There’s the french words on the wrist, three stars behind the ear, and such like. I think not – for it’s a situation of fashion that changes in 5 to 10 years.

When I was being told earlier about some earthquakes that has a group of lights relating to them, the recent orange lights in Christchurch that were seen (now identified as being hope lanterns), are a message to him that spies heard our earlier conversation and are informing him that they are listening by creating that event. Sanity is being held at a far distance on this one.

Mistaken Identity

Meanwhile, Buba and Adam come in regularly from the Te Whare Roimata community gardens, and for several times Adam has been calling me John. I’m not keen on that due to my name being Paul, but I haven’t found a good occasion to bring this up so I raised the issue with someone before they came in today. Sure enough, things happened again and the situation was resolved in good humour with jokes about me being possibly the pope John Paul. I’m glad that s simple misunderstanding with potentially complex repercussions is now all sorted out.

Good deeds

An 80-something year old man fell over on the street today as he was pushing a small supermarket trolley home to help with his balance. I raced over to help, leaving the trolley behind so that he could use my arm, and later on my hand to steady himself on the way back to his flat. His knees were replaced several years ago and he’s been having balance problems, so half the time I was just standing in place while he reels backwards unsure of his sense of equilibrium. It was a very sad thing seeing his independence dissolve away, for he had such a gentlemanly manner about him. A local community liaison was notified about things too, so hopefully he will be able to gain more of the assistance that he now needs, but doesn’t desire.

Board Games

I had a good go at four games tonight at Sams board game evening. The Resistance (2009)  is what we started with, which is an intriguing game where some unknown conspirators in the group try to make missions fail before being found out by the rest of the players.

Junta – Viva el Presidente (2010) followed, which is mostly about collecting buildings while attacking the president (to become him) or other players, or defending yourself from attack. It wasn’t as enjoyable as the full Junta (1978), so I look forward to being able to play that at some later stage.

Then we played a strange game called Mord im Arosa (2010)  which is one of the few that features a sound mechanic. It’s a murder/mystery game with a multi-levelled tower into which you drop coloured blocks representing the murdered people and the players investigating the murder. We are to try and guess on which level the murder took place. When that level is lifted up and revealed, any mistake means everything on that level is dropped in again with another one from the player. When the murdered body is found, the players from that level are also included as suspects. The second phase then begins of finding clues about who killed him. This is where you guess who will be found on a certain level, with any mistakes resulting in more of your blocks going in to represent you muddying up the murder scene. It’s a very interesting mechanic because you’re trying to listen for which level each dropped item ends up in the tower.

Lastly we finished off with Shadows over Camalot  (2005) where you are a knight trying to complete quests, but are hampered by bad things happening. Each player has to draw and play an evil card before performing a heroic action. The evil draw can be avoided by losing a live point, but since life is scored using a single dice, and is only gained back by completing a quest or by playing three identical cards (which are only mostly obtained only by remaining at Camelot, there isn’t much room to work with. It’s a gorgeous game with large scope for different types of play, and even a traitor in our midst – so I’m looking forward to being able to play this one again.