On the hunt to complete a 1950’s outfit, I went browsing for waistcoats at secondhand clothing stores. The selection was somewhat limited though, and I realised too late that I should have brought the outfit with me, so a return trip (in the rain, no less) before heading back out to Ferrymead was in order. None of the waistcoats though were suitable due to being all leather, or paisley, or being too large or small so I ended up settling on a sweater vest. This is something that works well with the outfit, and should serve me well in years to come too.

Freeze mob

The meetup group went to The Palms today where we took part in a freeze mob event. At 4 we all gathered near the entrance to the supermarket and froze in different poses for about 10 minutes while a cameraman whizzed around taking interesting video of the event. I managed to miss the start of things, but arrived in my 1950’s getup and froze in mid-stride with my satchel. Someone else had gone to the special effort of shaving their head and dressing up in an ali-baba outfit complete with cutlass, and was in mid-strike at a sitting person’s head. Strangely enough, security didn’t mind at all, and even stood by giving the cameraman nods of encouragement as he went by.

Bon Appetit

The real target for the 1950’s outfit was the evening’s event, where suitable background music was playing, and food was brought and served with a 1950’s flair to it. The roast lamb was excellent, but the carving of it was somewhat challenging. We’ll need to ensure that properly sharp knives are on hand next time, for I had to resort to using a serrated knife instead. Other dishes were on hand too such as stuffed saveloys, duck l’orange, and pinwheels, before we moved on to dessert. I supplied hokey pokey sandwiches which due to it being more modern lite-hokey pokey ice cream went down a treat, which was followed by pumpkin dessert and baked alaska.

After that a Julia Child quiz was held, after which we retired to the sitting room to watch the season three finale of Mad Men, which sadly many of us thought could have been better, before finishing up for the night. Overall it was quite the enjoyable evening. I look forward to returning there when Shaun of the Dead will be hosted there on Thursday.