I ended up taking my 1950’s outfit to Greg’s today, and realised that clip-on braces soon result in good posture, for a lack of it soon results in them going flying which is best to be avoided. It’s little wonder that proper buttoned braces are the preferred for of them. A positive aspect of braces in all forms though, is that they are very good for bladder retention and by proxy, for drinkers. They don’t constrict around your waist as much as a belt, or a cat landing on your bladder.

Movies / TV

On today’s visit we enjoyed the last three episodes from Season 1 of Deadwood. It is an extraordinary production that makes use of techniques of writing that I wish I knew more about, and the lighting used on the sets is something to behold. Shockingly, Greg also considers that it’s better than the Sopranos, which is incredibly high praise indeed.

Afterwards we enjoyed Jack Reacher which was a competent production with a well written story, but anything else next to Deadwood is in danger of losing its shine, and finished off with the first episode of Elementary which is better than I initially gave it credit for. I’m looking forward to more of Elementary.