There was an interesting interview today where they’re wanting someone with JavaScript skills, which fits me to a tee. The recruiter was upfront about how businesses are wanting university graduates, but has a few places of interest that he’ll put me forward to.

Web development

Meanwhile, the hep c resource centre is wanting several changes made to their site. The meeting with them went for over an hour as different ideas were being tossed back and forth, which made for a positive atmosphere as we get ready for the July promotion period.

Pub quiz

Someone joined us tonight from a Wednesday group that meets in Sumner, and plans are for a few more to come along too. With our team being 3-strong tonight (normally 4) we remained squarely in the middle of the pack, and with the final jackpot prize we did ourselves proud by being closer to winning it than on many other occasions, being only one question away from winning the prize pool, which still remains unclaimed for the past 40+ weeks.