The Godley Head work today involved helping dad with using SketchUp to create a portico entrance area. He’s still holding down the mouse button for some commands such as moving or pulling objects, which strongly limits his ability to adjust his view of things at the target location, so that’s a habit being worked on. He has though noted down keyboard shortcuts for many comman commands, which helps to prevent his mouse from always moving back and forth between what he is working on and the toolbar. By keeping his mouse near what he is working on he can more effectively get work done on it.


Tonight at Go I had an extremely close game (being only 4 points in the lead) with Andrew that was initially going to be a huge win for him. Fortunately I managed to interfere with his forming a live group at the top-right of the board, after which I squirmed my way along the top towards the left to gain some vital territory along there. It was an even game to begin with too, no handicap, so it’s a good balance between us.

Brain teaser

The second game of Go that I had, with Emma, I ended up losing, so I left here with a coin puzzle to puzzle over. You have four identical coins on the table in the shape of a diamond. You are to move the coins one at a time, always ending your move beside two other coins. Can you form the coins in to a straight line within just 4 moves?