Physio on my shoulder (which became damaged in a motorbike accident) occurred this morning. Things are going well with the recovery, and the other shoulder was checked out as well due to some pains being felt there. The cause was due to some neck trouble at the C2 area which has been significantly improved now, and can be easily managed by some double-chin and neck turning exercises.


The conspiracy guy is now wanting me to purchase a large-diameter telescope for him from off of trademe, and a gazebo. The apparent plan is to head on up to the high-country and enjoy the solitude while examining the sky for aliens. The only hitch in his plan is that I prefer to have cash-in-hand first, plus a bit more for myself, before bidding for anything on there.


Due to the DND organiser postponing tonights event for health reasons, it was a good opportunity to relax and catch up on some movies. The better of them was Holy Motors, which drives the spirit of Oscar performances around. The movie states that Oscar hates the bankers, and is in quite poor health as of now.