camera beside bagCamera bag

This morning the camera bag arrived, and it’s a bit bigger than I initially expected. From the price and the general discussion directly relating to the FujiFilm s4500 camera, I was expecting a somewhat smaller bag – so at least for my $79 I have definitely obtained value for money.

This image (taken from the iPad 2 which could do with having a better camera) is a good comparison of the size difference.

When I turn up places with this bag, I doubt though that I’d be able to meet peoples expectations of what will be contained within.


I returned a survey to the tenancy association today, and was met by surprise when I was asked:

“Why am I returning it?” – It’s a survey.

“Are you in any housing trouble?” – No.

“Why return it if you’re not in trouble?” – Because it’s a survey, designed to find out peoples situations, good or not.

Saints preserve us. I shudder to think what their reaction will be if they eventually get to the Nationality part of the survey to find my tongue-in-cheek entry of “Other: White-fella” instead of “New Zealand European”.


Stopping in to Penny Lane Records today, I found some DVD’s that I’ve been wanting have become available at a super cheap price. The ghostbusters one I was humming and haring about, putting it back on the shelf and then picking it up again, before deciding to eventually settle on getting it.

Devil’s Advocate

The Forbidden Kingdom

Ghostbusters II

The Terminator

DVD movie

Tonight’s movie was Shaun of the Dead. It’s interesting to watch it with others who aren’t as strongly interested in it, because you become hyper-aware of all the niggling little issues that others may notice only at a subconscious level. It’s still a very enjoyable movie to watch though, but the quality of technique even between this and their follow-up film in the cornetto trilogy becomes appreciable.

Ice cream

Speaking of ice cream, I left most of a 2 litre tub of lite-hokey pokey ice cream over there in the weekend and was hoping to retrieve it , only to be told with embarrassment that it’s all gone. I was unsure of how to respond to that, because while I was hopeful that it may still be there, it’s even better that it was able to be enjoyed to such a degree.

David Bain

Tonight I heard that David Bain is reputed to have jokingly said recently to a service station attendant, “oh I could just murder a pie”, to then be told that no, it didn’t happen afterall. I couldn’t help but to be reminded though, of other situations where David has denied that things happened too. 🙂