When it came to taking a shot of the camera bag, I used the bathroom mirror and a storage shelf to take a timer-delayed shot of the camera with the bag. The only problem then is that I had no way to get the information from off the camera. I stopped off at the nearby Warehouse Stationary this morning to try and find such a cable, to be told that I should go to Dick Smith to find such a thing. No no no, I reply, for there are much better places to obtain such a thing, such as Computer & Data Cabling Services. The cable was just $10 from there, compared with $23 from Dick Smith’s.

Once the cable was obtained I took my laptop and camera kit in to the community centre to work on things, and found that after I had obtained the shots and cleaned one of them up, that the grubbier iPad shot was of a better composition than the camera shots, so I ended up not using any of the shots from the camera after all.


I constantly see people attempting to use bad pens, and then when they can’t get them to work they put them back in the drawer. No! Pens aren’t so rare that we must hang on to them in case someone else can get them to work. Just throw the damn things out. Break them in half too before throwing them out, so that others don’t bring them back to cause even more lost time and wasted effort as well.

DVD night

I postponed tonight’s showing of Bicentennial Man due to only 2 people being lined up to see it. It was poor timing too, since there have been 3 dvd evening events on at the end of this week. But even though the people agreed about the postponement, someone else who wasn’t on the list came around to see it, so my plans to go through the camera manual and get to know more about my camera’s capabilities were brought to a halt.

It was a good movie, but much of the time we were engaged in conversation instead. At one stage she mentioned that she’s involved with an improv group. I brought up that the movie group had gone along to scared scriptless, and found out her improv group means that she can get free tickets. So we both went along to the 10:15pm showing at the end of the DVD.

Scared Scriptless

Much of the evening was quite surreal, for with 5 players and an MC to keep things going, the ideas from the audience resulted in things taking a turn for the weird. An example is when one of the improv people is an author at the typewriter and asks for a profession to write about. Spelunking came up, so as the writer narrated, another improv person went rappelling in to a cave, finding his aunt there, who wanted him to plunge in to the depths of her cave *nudge nudge wink wink*. “Chapter 2 – the next morning!” and it was all a dream, or was it?

So it was all highly enjoyable, on the weird and intriguing side of things, and one of the players called Jared was especially good, who I later found out is a founding member of The Outwits. I look forward to more from him.