I came across an interesting video analysis of computers playing the game of Go against some of the worlds best players, given by Narumi Osawa who is Japan’s Go Ambassador. The games that Zen and CrazyStone played against Ishida Yoshio are found at http://www.computer-go.info/h-c/

Beach party

It was a mostly uneventful trip out to Woodend Beach for the party, and things there went well. A stop was made to The Palms because I realised that I hadn’t brought along a jacket or hat, so made a shopping trip for scarf and gloves while getting some things from the supermarket too.

I should be more careful about what I say though. An asian girl there took interest in me and was having photos taken of the two of us, and I commented that I always seem to look like an axe-wielding mass-murderer when having my photo taken. I may have to work on my small talk 🙂

Roasting marshmellows in the fire is always enjoyable though, and the rest of the evening went well. A good chat was held with Ron about my camera and aspects of aperture and f-stop were summarised. I’m looking forward to time with the photography group too.