This morning I was trying to connect my main desktop computer to the camera, but the usb driver just didn’t want to play ball. Do I have a CD that came with the camera? I can’t find one, so a request goes back to where I ordered it from and good luck with that.

Meanwhile, in efforts to get the USB connection working, I resort to more drastic measures, and work through the device manager, uninstalling all USB drivers to remove any potential conflicts. It seems to succeed so I can now move on with uploading photos from that night on the beach. Well, one photo, because the rest are either blurry or shaky or have a poor composition. The photo that made it is one of an extreme closeup of the moon from that night – – so it seems that I have a lot more to learn about photography in general.


Some good advice came through the news wire today, about shuffling an array. It’s common to use the sort method set at random to shuffle things, but that only results in a brownian motion type of sorting to occur, so it’s far better to shuffle things properly instead using the Fisher-Yates algorithm instead.


After starting off with a few seasons from the second season of Deadwood, we ended up seeing Upside Down which has some pretty visuals and the requisite love story across social strata, but isn’t quite as engaging as it wants to be.

Bike cover

When arriving at Greg’s I had plans to retrieve a few boxes of books, and took the bike cover to keep things free of condensation, but plans to load up at the end of the evening were quashed, and it wouldn’t be good for the bike to load up earlier and have them sitting on the seat for many hours, so we’ll get things done at some other time when I’m passing.

The good news is that I can now park on the handstand without any trouble. Previously birds would perch on the aerial and shit themselves rigid on to my scooter below. With the aerial gone there are no such problems that can occur now, so all is good.