Mystery on Quail Island

Today at the local community arts centre, we were regaled with conspiracy guy’s tale of how his friend went mysteriously missing from Quail island. After a while, we find out that his clothing and belongings were found in a flotation device. So there is no mystery offer the events after all. He was on the island, the mainland looked to be close enough to make it, so he packed up his clothing nd gear and headed out for shore. Too many people don’t make it when trying that.

Pub Quiz

We ended up winning a $50 spot prize tonight. The question was about how heavy is the Oscar statuette to an accuracy of two decimal places. We guessed 3.75 kilos and were spot on, which was fortunate, because another team’s guess was off by only 0.01

Lost iPad

When I got homeI found that my iPad was missing. I had placed it in the small of my back which normally serves well, but when getting on the wet weather clothing it must have slipped out somehow. So for the return trip in the rain and the dark I was looking for signs of the pad along the road. It wasn’t easy for I was looking for a black iPad, in a black cover, on a black road, in the dark, and it was raining. Fortunately it was found at my parking spot, and after a trip home for a hot shower and to dry the pad, and in that order, I found that it was surprisingly weather resistant.