Clinical Trial

It was up first thing this morning, to be in at the CCST clinical trial place at some ungodly 7 mumble-mumble time of the morning for vitals and blood tests. This is the last time that I’ll be coming in for the trial that I was on last year, so they gave us a bonus payment which boosts my iPad savings in the to the realms of possibility now – hurrah.

What’s that was,is a treatment for people with Genotype 2 & 3 of the virus. It went so well that they also later on brought in people with Genotype 1, which is more difficult to treat, to see how we would go. It wasn’t as effective with us, so there is a new trial this year specifically for us now that promises to be more successful.

Missing Post Bank

Afterwards I went to the hep c resource centre to do some computer work for them, and on the way stopped off at the Post Bank in Sydenham – or at least to where it used to be. They’re not there an more, so I walked the cheque down to the BNZ instead to be cashed out, in the flurries that occur before snow sets in. It should have been beautiful but all I could think of was “my god my ankles are cold, and there’s more motorcycling yet to go too”.

Portico plans

Over at my folks the SketchUp plans are coming along nicely. Dad realizes that he needs more and more views of how the portico is built, and while initially reluctant to add more pages to the LayOut plans. He soon realizes that because the model is already built, that it’s very easy now to create multiple pages with different views of what needs to be shown. It’s quite a change from having to painstakingly manually draft up a new page of plans by hand.

Evening with Elementary

Due to the freezing weather, I am extremely reluctant to cross the city to attend the evening’s Go game, so it’s an evening in tonight catching up with the show Elementary. It’s nice to be able to marathon such things, for it makes it all the much easier to connect together several pieces of the over-arching story.