I donated a spare chess set of mine to the community centre today, and proceeded to lose several games. The art teacher there said that he was a chess champion when he was younger, and took a few of us through some interesting exercises, such as the hare and the hounds, the 8 queens, and filling bottom three rows with pieces and using a knight to try and take as many of them as possible.

Motorbike death trap

On the way out this morning in the freshly laid snow/hail, I came up to a left-turn lane at the lights a bit too fast, for that part of the road hasn’t yet been cleared. The lights changed, I had to stop, and couldn’t. I end up sailing gracefully in to the intersection with feet planted on the ground on either side of the bike, before taking my turn. So my lesson for me here this morning is that a higher level of pessimism would have served a beneficial purpose.

Jersey watch

While up at my folks seeing to a computer licensing issue, I made good use of a crochet hook to repair a sleeve problem with my jersey. Whenever I put on my jersey the sleeve catches on my watch, causing some threads to catch and come loose. So other than removing the watch before donning the jersey, I may have to just be more careful to prevent the watch knobs from catching in the future. This seems to be a running theme for the day – to be more careful.