Tower of Hanoi

Moving around on my scooter commonly means storing some things under the seat, and other things in the rear top-box. The problem with this though is that I want to store the helmet and sometimes the jacket in the bike too, which means moving things around from the top-box to the seat, to the closed lid of the top-box, to the under the seat, similar to playing the Tower of Hanoi game – while different things are taken care of.

For example: entering the community centre results in the following exchange taking place

  1. Remove ipad and bike lock from under the seat and balance on top of top-box
  2. Remove helmet and place under the seat
  3. Close the seat and move ipad to the seat
  4. Secure bike with the bike lock
  5. Now that the top-box is clear, open the top-box
  6. Remove satchel and place on seat
  7. Remove jacket and store in top-box
  8. Place ipad in satchel and I’m good to go

Intro to advanced Scrum Master

It was an interesting evening at the meeting about advanced techniques on being a scrum master. Scrum is a part of Agile Software Development, which is a team-management technique that uses iterative and incremental development to achieve rapid and flexible development. This evening was about a new course that Claris are running, which delves in to more advanced techniques that deal with issues that scrum masters come across after they have been doing things for a while.

Issues such as what to do when a team member is no longer pulling their weight, or how to deal with middle management issues. Or what to do when your team grows to 9 people – can you split up to teams of 4 and 5, and can you head both teams?

It was primarily a sales pitch for their course, but it also helped to provide an interesting insight in to some of the management difficulties that are commonly faced.