I’ve been lined up for a free massage this morning at Te Whare Roimata, and as it was early in the morning I am certainly grateful for having multiple layers when scootering around for they became of use when waiting in the old cold house for my session to begin.

Fortunately the massage room was well heated, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. She had a holistic viewpoint on things, believing that kirlian photography results in being able to see the energy fields about the human body, and that she can sense such energies herself too.


While watching Elementary episode 15, I think that I’ve come across some information that points more strongly to his father being a real person, instead of a fiction of his. It occurs when Sherlock has a friend come to him for help with a kidnapped daughter. His friend was his drug dealer, so things go well for a while until Sherlock is tempted to go back to his old ways. When they have a falling out, Sherlock leaves in disgust and a small scene is shown of him outside, phoning and asking to speak to his father. When he comes back in, he says that he has got the 2.2 million from his father in exchange for some services that are not known to him at this time.

It’s not the money that is the indicator here, but that he was all alone with nobody around to witness him saying “This is Sherlock Holmes, I would like to speak with my father”, which is information for us as the audience, not the other people in the story.

It will be interesting to see if his father ends up appearing in real life, and which actor will end up playing him. There has been some speculation on who it may be.