Today was a trip to Akaroa via Little River, and returning via Wainui.

The photography group met up at the Princess Margaret Hospital just before 10am. We formed two groups for the trip, with myself going in Ron’s company car with Travis and James, and the other group in Ross’s car had Shawn, and Natalie with another friend.

On the way out we saw a bald part of the ranges with a neat square of trees, and stopped off at Little River for some morning tea and to take in the sights. The muffin that I had was enough to feed 4 people. When getting started out there with some photography, my Fujifilm camera felt somewhat out of place what with the fancy Canon cameras that others there had, so my resolve grows to compose decent shots instead.

We headed on over to Little Alakoa, and the nearby St Lukes, before driving off to Akaroa. We ended up taking a shortcut down Okains Bay Road while the others took the longer Summit Road there.

We strolled around Akaroa for a while looking for lunch ideas while waiting for the others to arrive, and found some interesting shots to take of things out there. We ended up lunching at different places, some of us at a restaurant, others at a deli, and others at the fish & chip shop, after which we all met up again to carry on looking for interesting things to photograph.

Some ice-creams were enjoyed before we left, and resolved to leave via Wainui. The Jubilee Road track was extremely course and nearly too much for the front-wheel drive vehicles that we had there, but stopping part-way along it for some parting shots of Akaroa was well worth it in the end.

My album of photos that are worth keeping from the day, are found at http://imgur.com/a/WX5HM