We tried watching Upstream Color today, only to find it to be too artsy to be worthwhile carrying on with, and moved on to a 4.5 IMDB rated movie Branded where the acting abilities of Ed Stoppard, or rather his lack of them, and several movie making problems such as too many establishing shots and excessive voice-over were just too distracting for us to carry on with.


So after having enjoyed some episodes of Deadwood, we moved on to some episodes from Elementary instead where a problem with the title sequence became apparent. The marble gets flung out to the chamber of a gun (accuracy?), the chamber of which then spins (can spin only one way) and rotates down (how much force from marble) in to a flat gun, with the next sequence showing vertically placed guns (was flat previously) rotating and firing (is it firing the same marble?), before carrying on with the sequence. We may be applying too much thought to this though.