Hanlon’s razor

Conspiracy guy today was saying that a woman was really really good, in relation to an accident that happened. Apparently she managed to take out several motorcyclists due to her vehicle being just around the corner of a bend and in the middle of the road. The motorcyclists couldn’t see her in time and died. According to his conspiracy, she did that deliberately in order to take them out.

I was trying to recall a phrase, that I have come across about such things, which I have now found to be Hanlon’s razor which goes: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” I’ll bring this up to him tomorrow to see whether any of it sticks. I suspect though that his desire to see conspiracies around every corner will result in it just being brushed off.


Tonight at Go I shared my interest of the Elementary tv series, to be met with interest. Sherlock is extremely good but it has only very few episodes. Elementary, even if each episode is nearly as good as Sherlock, results in a much more enjoyable experience due to the scope that many more episodes allow them to cover. And because they haven’t restricted themself by being stuck in London or to other standard tropes of the original, they can branch out to a wider range of stories that can be enjoyed, while keeping the same solid core to the character.