English Country Tune

The indie humble bundle introduced me to a challenging puzzle game called English Country Tune that consists mostly of devilishly difficult 3D puzzles that make your brain hurt. The game Someone that has a much bigger brain than me, has created a playlist of walkthroughs, complete with a verbal explanation of their thought process. I doubt that I’d ever have the time to complete the game, so It’s been worthwhile going through the videos.

Iron Man 3

I headed along to Iron Man 3 this afternoon while killing time before this evenings DVD night. Iron Man 3 was enjoyable as it always is, and seems to come to a nice point of closure. I would be okay if no other sequels of this series occur, and based on this info about sequel fee negotiations, he may be feeling the same way too.

West Memphis 3

It was off to a DVD evening tonight, by Sir Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, about the West Memphis 3 killings of three boys, and it ended up being an intriguing look at how the state of Alabama cannot allow a ruling to be overturned because their every ruling is considered to be correct, which I suspect is a position borne of the process by which other convictions have been arrived at, and due to certain parties being elected officials, there is less interest in doing things properly because they have a wider issue of how those who elected them might feel about digging up bad things from the past. The documentary did conclude though with a highly convincing case in regard to the stepfather of one of the boys. No judgement can be gained about that though, not even with DNA evidence, so the wrongly convicted gave the Alford Plea where they plead that they are guilty according to the evidence at the time, but continue to be innocent; which allowed them to be freed and prevents them from suing the state for a wrongful conviction.