The conspiracy guy asked me today if I knew numeric secret codes. “Indeed I do”, I responded, “but I prefer Vigenère ciphers instead due to their portability and requiring only a certain code phrase to encrypt and decrypt”, before going back to my Kukaro. He wasn’t aware that I was doing them, so based on the numbers discussion I invited him to see what I was doing, which took his interest, and he headed off wanting to know the name of them so that he can find more to do.

Resource Centre

The Hepatitis C Resource Centre had me in to do some office work, but I’ll have to have a chat with them though about the authorization of payments. When I am being paid though, I would prefer that it that myself as treasurer not be the one to authorize such things, but that it instead be the manager and the president who do such things. I’m sure that we’ll sort something out.

They’re also moving out in the next couple of weeks to be in the same location as the Canterbury Men’s Centre on Gloucester Street, which should prove to be interesting.

In Bruges

Hosting of In Bruges that was held here tonight. Maps were sent out with overall directions and a closeup of the place with red arrows and circles, and balloons were flying from the street entrance and further down the drive, and still some people managed to get lost, but we all made it in the end. I should have turned on the subtitles though for the mostly deaf chap who was here, which I only thought off half-way through and gave up the idea of as a lost cause, but all things considered it was a success with everyone wanting to attend other similar nights.

The movie itself was highly enjoyable too, with the setting in Belgium and the historical aspects that were partly delved in to in the movie. It’s nice too that the end of the movie left a question over whether Ray survives or not, as it nicely mirrors the other aspects of purgatory that were delved in to throughout the film.